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Hypnotherapy by Maggie Reigh

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Donated by Maggie Reigh

1 ½ - 2 hour Session

Breakthrough Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Value $185…Life value much higher than that!

The Stress, Trauma and Anxiety Breakthrough Program will guide you safely through the release of stress, anxiety, and past trauma. Inner peace will be yours! You will learn how to stay calm and centred even in the midst of challenging situations.

Maggie Reigh is a clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Maggie is an expert at helping people transform stress and anxiety into peace and possibility, create new communication and life patterns, and enjoy harmonious and loving relationships.  She is the author of several books and programs and is a frequent guest on radio and television.  To learn more about what grateful clients are saying visit